sayTEC AG: IT-Security Made in Germany

sayTEC was founded by graduate Physicist Yakup Saygin, aiming at the development of innovative and unique security solutions.
The company develops and sells solutions connected with IT-Security. All sayTEC products are “made in Germany” – development and production are handled predominantly in Germany.
With its headquarters in Dachau and its administration site in Munich the company also has a subsidiary in Istanbul. The focus is on products for:

  • Access security when connecting mobile and stationary users to company data and applications
  • Network security via INP – Internal Network Protection
  • Availability of data, application and server systems
  • Transportation security for documents and goods

The new developed VPT-technology (Virtual Private Tunneling) is a further development of the VPN technology. It covers with a modular approach highly secure remote access and internal network protection, as well as - via expansion modules - eavesdropping secure IP-telephony, Secure Cloud, MDM and BYOD. The product line for data and system availability is covered by modular all-in-one systems for backup, restore, server cluster and virtualization. Furthermore sayTEC offers solutions for access protection and for secure storage of confidentially shipped goods during transportation.

Apart from the headoffice in Dachau sayTEC disposes today of two other subsidiaries in Munich and Istanbul (Turkey). Product development and manufacturing is mostly done in Germany. Eight great industrial prices and awards for innovation have been given to sayTEC GmbH in the last years. As a German company sayTEC has no obligation to any institution to provide the encryption key or to provide backdoors – an important competitive advantage.

Innovation 2016
Innovationspreis-IT 2012
Security made in Germany
Industriepreis 2012

Our products are successfully used in the following companies: