German IT-Security for the actual challenges in the market

sayTEC offers innovative IT-Security solutions in the areas of data access, network security and availability to maintain corporate values. All sayTEC solutions are “made in Germany” and have unrivaled unique selling points.
The focus of our products is:

  • Access security when it comes to connecting mobile and stationary users to company data and applications
  • Network security through INP – Internal Network Protection
  • Data, application and server systems availability

sayTRUST Access

optimized for business companys. - sayTRUST Access is perfect for companies of all sizes that have to communicate, exchange data and telephone communication with external employees, partners and customers. Do not longer allow that others read your data! Furthermore sayTRUST Access also helps you to separate important special networks within your organization and to make such networks invisible for the rest of the network.

Has a user friendly surface

Provides highest protection via Perfect forward secrecy (PFS)

Establishes connection on the application level

sayFUSE Concept

the all-in-one solution for high-speed-backup. - The sayFUSE concept offers a product family of all-in-one systems for backup and archiving in combination with server systems. It consists of the products sayFUSE Backup, sayFUSE Smart Server and sayFUSE VM Backup.

Increases the restore probability from 70% to 100%

Lower costs, better performance, higher reliability

Reduces the complexity of the IT environment and absolute system availability


Quality Information System – sayQIS - Hosting and deployment of applications with worldwide secure access. Powered by sayTRUST Access and sayFUSE VM.

Reduces the costs and optimizes the planning

Reliable statements on painting conditions and maintenance intervals

Central storage for all information related to painting conditions