Megatrend data security & German IT-Security

An immense economic, business and security policy dammage is caused by increasingly elaborated methods of data theft, political and industrial espionage and the permanent media presence of NSA and wiretapping affaires showing the explosive nature of the topic IT-Security.

Concurrently technological innovations as public and private clouds, MDM (Mobile Device Management), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and exponentially growing data volumes revolutionize the commercial world.

Guaranteeing the security of confidential data and documents is therefore the central challenge in an increasingly networked and technologized world.

World wide dammage through cyber crime in the context of 1)

Against the backdrop of increasing security awareness, increasing security needs and safety regulations at companies and state authorities in a quickly changing technological environment

German IT Security is the issue with the strongest dynamic, even before mobile devices/ mobile internet, CRM, Business Intelligence/ Big Data, digital transformation and networked cooperation. 2)

Companies are more and more willing to provide additional resources for effective IT-Security solutions 2)

60% of the German companies want to enhance investments in IT-Security and Cyber Security.2)

65% of the companies will introduce a Mobile-Device-Management Security solution in the next five years to protect company data. 3)

3) Ostermann Research

2) Pierre Audoin Consultants PAC

Immense market and customer potential - the numbers